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Please see our frequently asked questions below. We find that 90% of enquiries are answered below.

How do I connect to Net4?

Turn on the WiFi on your laptop so that it can search for available wireless in the area. When your computer recognizes Net4, highlight it and click Connect.

How do I connect to Net4 using an iPad/iPhone?

Go to Settings, WiFi, Choose Net4. Open Safari and refresh your webpage or go to

It says I'm connected to Net4, how do I get onto the Internet?

Open your browser and the first page that will appear will be the Net4 Log In page. If you are already a member you will input your username and password then click Enter. If you are not already a member, click Register – then you will be taken through the steps of creating a username & password and choice of time plans to purchase.

I typed into my browser bar and still can't get to login

The login URL is not To log in, you have to open your Internet Browser, and if the login page doesn't automatically come up, try going to which should force the login page to come up.

If I buy Casual Hours how is my time charged to me?

For a 24hr purchase, the time starts counting at Log On and ceases 24hrs later. For a 7 day purchase the time starts counting at first Log On and finishes 168 hours later. You will be prompted to refill when time runs out. Note: Download limit of 500MB per 24 hours applies.

What if the Net4 Log In page does not appear when I try to open my browser?

Check that you have good signal strength, or 3 bars. Anything less may mean difficulty in connecting, therefore you will have to move to another location outside or in view of the antenna at the office to obtain better signal.

What happens if I don't have 3 bar signal strength?

Then your connection may not be solid enough to maintain without 'dropping out'.

I want to sit inside my caravan/campervan or cabin to use my laptop. Why can't I connect?

The Net4 WiFi Hotspot in most parks is located at the park office. The signal from the antenna located there will not usually go through insulated walls, metal or doorways. You will probably have to move outside or closer to the antenna to connect.

What happens if the signal keeps dropping out when I'm trying to do something?

You will have to move outside so that your signal is strong enough.

It tells me I have the wrong username or password

Check that you have not got your CAPS lock on, there are no spaces or punctuation in between letters.

I've done that and it still tells me it's wrong

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it in the login portal. If you don't know what your username is, you should contact us at

What do I do if I can't remember my Log In details?

As above, if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it in the login portal. If you don't know what your username is, you should contact us at

I contacted Net4 and haven't been called back yet

Have you got your correct contact details on your membership? We cannot call an STD number to talk to you if you are away from home, we need a mobile number.

Why do I need Excellent or 3 bar signal strength? I don't need to worry about that at home!

Your home wireless setup is totally different to a WiFi Hotspot setup at a park.

What do I do when I have finished using the Internet?

Immediately after clicking Enter when you log on, the next page which appears will be the Status page which has a Log Off button and your personal details. Add this page to your Favorites, so that you can go back to it when you have finished working on the internet and Log Off to close your session. Alternatively open a new window to surf the internet and Minimise the Disconnect page to come back to, when you are ready to Log Off.

What happens if I lose the Disconnect page or forget to log out?

If you lose the Status/Disconnect page, first try hitting the BACK button to see if you can get back to it. (If you can, this would be a good opportunity to bookmark it for future reference)  If you have closed your browser and can't get back to it, just go to your Available WiFi Networks (where you made the initial connection) and then just click DISCONNECT from Net4.  Powering Off your machine/device for 10 minutes will also end the Net4 connection.

I'm having problems with Net4 and the park office can't help me!

Park management and staff are not responsible for any Net4 enquiries. Please call the Net4 Helpline 1300 792 655 where our technical staff are on call to help you as soon as possible. Our techs may need to speak to you in person to check computer settings with you.

I've done everything right and my connection drops out after a few minutes. Why?

Ensure your computer is set to local date and time (OVERSEAS VISITORS: this is most important).
Ensure that you haven't got a filter or firewall cutting the connection. You may have to turn your firewall off so that connection can be maintained. Child Protection Filters may also cause problems maintaining a connection. It may have to be disabled, and turned back on when you get home.

What is my daily download limit?

Net4 users cannot download more than a generous 500MB per 24hrs.  If you reach the 500MB limit, Purchasing another 24hrs WILL NOT give you more download, you have to wait until the 24hrs rolls over. This limit is strictly enforced! This means NO downloading of movies, video or streaming radio or online group interaction as these activities all raise download figures alarmingly quickly. Also make sure your device is not set to download updates automatically, or set to download when you connect to wifi.

How can I top up my account and buy more hours?

Log in with your username and password then click Refill. This will take you through the time purchase and payment procedure.

The connection seems slow. What can I do about it?

Check your signal strength, if it is less than 3 bars or Excellent, move outside closer to the WiFi Hotspot at the office to get a stronger signal.

Why isn't Net4 at all caravan parks?

It is the park owners' decision to request that Net4 be installed at the park. You are welcome to make recommendations to the park.

I don't seem to be able to send emails?

Try setting the outgoing mail server (SMTP server) in your email program to server listed against the park you are at HERE.

Do I need cookies enabled in order to use this service?

Yes, our system uses cookies to keep track of your session details. A device that doesn't accept cookies won't be able to use this service. To test if your device accepts cookies, please click this link.
If your question is not answered above, please feel free to contact our support department at